Global Action Initiatives presents UNOSDP Youth Leadership Programme’s International Sport & Social Impact Summit

Two Weeks of Intensive Sports & Leadership Training for Participants. Two Signature Events for Memorable Public Engagement. As invited participants learn from world-renowned experts to translate sport into social action at home, the public will have opportunities to engage, as well.

The International Sports & Social Impact Summit at IMG Academy brings together men and women ages 18-28 in an initiative to harness the power of sports as a catalyst for development and peace. Selected by the United Nations, participants from the United States and countries around the world will learn to use the universal language of sports to engage and lead their peers in addressing vital social and economic issues in their home communities.

The two-week event is the United Nations’ flagship outreach program to the global Millennial Generation and features a public festival that will showcase the Bradenton Area as a tourism destination and prime business location.

The summit will be centered at the campus at IMG Academy, with participants also traveling to other venues in the region for sport and leadership training. Where the participants go, news media will follow, increasing exposure for the wider community of the Bradenton Florida Area.

Next generation leader translate skills acquired thru sport into those that can change the world.

  • Justice and conflict resolution
  • Promote gender equality
  • Community development
  • Empowerment inclusion for all

Generating long-term benefits for global development and peace. 

  • Develop the world’s next generation of grass-roots leaders.
  • Address social and economic issues worldwide.
  • Empower young leaders to train others.

Changing The World One Game At A Time

Next Generation Leadership Initiative

  • Men and women leaders/athletes, ages 18-30, are chosen by the United Nations thru a highly selective process from across the United States and from all countries around the world to convene at IMG Academy, June 6-20.
  • A different sport, a different cause, and different leadership skills introduced and taught daily.
  • Healthy and active lifestyle portfolios presented thematically through coaching education modules.
  • Brand Executives, Brand Ambassadors, Professional, Olympic, and Paralympic athletes, join heads of global Not-For-Profits and United Nations Leadership teaching, motivating, and inspiring the next generation of global leaders thru the power of sport.
  • First-Timer and Master “Global Game Changer” participant leadership tracks with community outreach and exclusive training on brand supported pro-social program protocols.

Why Sport?

SPORT: ignites passions across generations, genders and geography

SPORT: develops leadership skills that translate off the court into real, tangible empowerment in all walks of life

SPORT: promotes ideals of solidarity, acceptance and equality

SPORT: attracts, mobilizes and inspires doers

SPORT: emotionally connects to fans building sustainable brand loyalty for those engaging with athletes, teams, leagues, events and the causes fans care about

SPORT: is the language of all generations

Expected Outcomes for Participants

  • Provide their home communities and people of all ages access to sport as a life-changing tool
  • Develop leadership and life skills training for their own community participants thru a variety of sports
  • Translate the power of sport into social and economic impact
  • Accelerate and amplify the reach of sponsors’ projects utilizing access to sport
    as social change platform
  • Ignite a sports centric movement of community and personal impact and empowerment
  • Become brand loyalists and grassroots brand ambassadors

Learn about GAI working with the UN

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