Why Become a Corporate Partner?

POSITION your brand as a global leader in the movement behind sport as catalyst for change

EXPAND brand recognition to extensive international markets with prestige and local relevance and create access to sport in communities where there is none

UNIQUE and authentic new global sports and social leadership program for next generation creating brand loyalty and relationships with future world leaders

MASSIVE exposure and messaging through a highly acclaimed combination of traditional and new media and social mobile app

DIFFERENTIATION of your brand as deeply committed to a better world

AMPLIFY the power of your brand’s corporate social responsibility programs

AUTHENTIC and credible association with key UN office and involvement of brand leadership in high profile UN events and other global conferences such as Clinton’s Global Initiative, World Economic Forum, Olympics, World Cup and wherever UNOSDP 
presents on the power of sport 
through this youth leadership 
initiative globally

wheelchair tennis

wheelchair tennis

Expected Outcomes for Brands

POSITION brand as global leader in the movement of sport for development 
and peace

ALIGN with young global leaders and emotionally connect brand and its social impact projects to the lives of young game changers

ACTIVATE specific activities, integrate products, and drive messaging thru targeted global media packages

LAUNCH a global movement around brand leadership with this millennial generation around the world

SEIZE national and global media platforms raising brand awareness and partnership with next generation on issues of social impact

UNIFY brand and cause marketing in one platform

TRANSLATE AND ACCELERATE brand awareness into increase in market share


  • Align your brand with global leaders in sport and social responsibility.
  • Local, regional, national and international media exposure during the Bradenton Area summit.
  • Exposure at teaser events in advance of the summit.
  • Enhance consumer awareness of your brand and its role as a leader in social causes at signature public events

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